3 Easy Bio Building Blocks

November 3, 2016

Social media is an impatient platform. What’s trending today is forgotten tomorrow. Who would believe we’d be losing the attention span race to goldfish? Unless you don’t believe that tale. Regardless, you have probably experienced how difficult it is to stand out in our crowded media world. Your online bio is your nanosecond space in […]

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Why is it So Hard to Keep it Simple?

October 17, 2016

Keep it simple. How many times have you heard that phrase? A lot, I bet. You probably embrace the concept. Unfortunately, the concept seems unclear to much of the business world. Why is simple so hard? Because we make it that way The story goes that the originator of the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) […]

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Why Networking Works Best When You Forget What You’re Doing

September 26, 2016

Have you ever had a coach give you great tips? What would you think if the coach then told you to forget what you’re doing? Would you think he or she was a little crazy? Or at least a bit misguided? I bet you think business networking is great marketing strategy. I agree. But, what […]

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LinkedIn ProFinder Misses a Major Freelance Concept

September 12, 2016

Do you know about LinkedIn ProFinder? Chances are, you may not. For some reason, the networking platform launched the new service with very little fanfare. Surprising, since at least one LinkedIn expert labels it a game changer. And the way they are rolling out the new service is a bit of a head-scratcher. What is […]

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Your Get ‘Er Done Year-End Template

August 29, 2016

Do you start your business year like an Olympic sprinter? You explode out of the blocks Then leap over first quarter obstacles You pace yourself mid-year Then the last quarter hits. Your business muscles scream Your marketing confidence may stumble You may feel like coasting to the finish Sometimes I need a bit of a […]

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