Welcome to My Business Writing Site

Standing out in a sea of business writers is no small task. Try distinguishing yourself with a name like Cathy Miller.

But I like simple – both in my name and my business writing. I believe simple is better and I think you will, too.

  • Is your business communication simple to understand?
  • Is your message clear to your reader?
  • Does your business communication remain uniquely yours?

If you believe in your business, so will your customer. Professional business writing connects you with your customers for better business solutions.

When you believe in  your business – it shows.

That’s what I bring to your business communication – a belief in your business.

Together we create business communication that will ~

Keep it simple, clear & uniquely yours

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I would love the opportunity to learn about your business and share what I know – and what I don’t know – I’ll go find out for you.

Thank you for considering me for your business writing needs.

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