Guest Post

What Are Your Customers Really Saying?

December 2, 2013

I love the generosity of my writer friends. When I put out a call for guest posts while I was walking my 10th 60-mile, 3-Day Walk for the Cure, they responded – in spades. I met Luana Spinetti through the wonders of our global world. Her creativity takes shape not only in words, but also […]

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Guest Post: Customer Service Sins Served Here

November 18, 2013

When this posts I should have completed my 10th, 60-mile, 3-Day Walk for the Cure. My teammates and I have a spa day planned for this post date. Ah, bliss. Bliss is also my great writer friends who are as much of a tradition as my 3-Day Walks. They always come through with great guest […]

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Guest Post: Keeping Business Communication Simple

November 11, 2013

Anne Wayman knows the way to my heart. While I return to my beloved San Diego (and Anne’s home) for my 10th 60-mile, 3-Day Walk for the Cure, Anne offered a guest post. And her topic? Keeping business communication simple. See why I love Anne? I’ll thank Anne in person. You can thank her with […]

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Guest Post: Analytics for Communication

November 4, 2013

One of the best outcomes of my annual 3-Day Walk for the Cure is the great guest posts I receive from my writing chums. Sharon Hurley Hall is my long lost twin (in so many ways), but in one way, we are quite different. When I write Techie Tips, they are so basic they make […]

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Guest Post Features Slideshare

August 20, 2013

My good writing buddy, Sharon Hurley Hall, asked if I would do a guest post on my Slideshare process. Of course, I said I would. Then I had to figure out what that process was. You can read the results at Sharon’s Get Paid to Write Online blog. Below is a jumpstart on the post. […]

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