Cathy Miller

Tweet This: Sound Bite or Duh

January 22, 2018

John is one of my favorite clients. Passionate about his work Still going strong in his 70s But best of all – John is a walking sound bite. Someone like John is every business writer’s dream. When he speaks, you can almost see the quotation marks around one of his clever comments. That’s how I […]

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A Removed SlideShare Feature You May Have Missed

January 9, 2018

Did you notice SlideShare removed a certain feature from its platform? Or were you like me and caught napping while the feature went poof? Your awareness may depend on what kind of SlideShare user you are. Power user with lots and lots of uploads (lots is a technical term) Ebb and flow user who rides […]

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Your End-of-Year Business Review: Keeping it Simple

December 4, 2017

Is your Inbox groaning with seasonal sales pitches? Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Sale – sale – sale. This time of year brings one last push for most businesses. While you’re wading through the offers or making a few of your own, think about the past year. Take time for your annual business review. Business Review […]

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Number 1 Video Tip for Overcoming the Fear

October 31, 2017

What does a video tip have to do with Halloween? For some blog owners, it could be a shared fear. Fear of the unknown (why do they open that door?) The fright of uncharted territory Or the fear of missing out Since I first posted this video on October 31, 2011, not much has changed […]

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When Business Writing Examples Go Too Far

September 25, 2017

Don’t you love when a blog post or how-to article shares examples of key points? Anyone can slap up a bunch of rules. But, how do they work? It’s like trying on a new jacket. Does it fit? Is it your style? Good business writing examples tailor better business communication. However, can business writing examples […]

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