Cathy Miller

Are You in a Bad Words Relationship?

May 18, 2017

Have you ever been in a bad relationship? Well, Duh. Who hasn’t, right? Maybe you swore off relationships altogether. Although I bet that didn’t last. Now, think about your relationships with words. Don’t think you have one? Sure you do. Your words relationship makes or breaks those other relationships – the personal and professional ones. […]

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Can We Talk Without Our Fingers?

May 1, 2017

When did talking live go out of style? You know – without our fingers tapping on some smartphone or keyboard. Today we tweet, text, post, write on walls, but seldom talk. Some would blame it on social media. But was live talk silenced long ago? Stone Age Talk Do you remember back in the Stone […]

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5 Social Media Spring Cleaning Ideas

March 20, 2017

Springtime is a rebirth. And, hopefully, a departure from winter’s cold and snow. We feel so good, we think about Spring cleaning. Well, some of us. Before you haul out the garden tools, don’t forget about another area in need of help – your social media activity. Spring Cleaning List Spring cleaning opens the door […]

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Who Are Your Customer Service Heroes?

March 6, 2017

Do you remember the last time customer service made you smile? You hear plenty of horror stories. I’ll bet you have more than a few of your own. That’s why we applaud when customer service goes right. It’s like finally winning a game after so many misses. Well, at least for a while. I shared […]

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3 Rehab Tricks for Lousy Customer Service

February 14, 2017

Be honest. You expect to receive lousy customer service. Right? Sure, you hope you’ll be surprised. But, how often are you? Customer service is an equal opportunity offender. It doesn’t matter what size the company, businesses often seem to get it wrong. There ought to be a rehabilitation program for lousy customer service. Think of […]

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