Ignoring LinkedIn Answers is Not Smart

by Cathy Miller on November 7, 2012

Responding to blog comments is good business.

  • It acknowledges the reader
  • It shows respect for their time
  • It helps build online relationships

It’s logical, right?

So, why would someone ignore LinkedIn Answers?

Looking for Answers

LinkedIn’s feature, Answersallows members to post questions in several different categories.

I love the feature and use it for various reasons.

  • Networking by asking and answering questions
  • Obtaining suggestions/recommendations for technology/other topics
  • Help narrowing down resources
  • Idea generation for blog posts or new product/service

I enjoy the generosity of others who share their time and their experience.

Not responding to someone who takes the time is rude.

Heed the Call

On more than one occasion, I have responded to a question, only to receive deafening silence.

In a recent experience, the question related to health care reform – now there’s a simple subject.

  • I responded
  • Checked my facts
  • Included links to resources

And nothing.

Lest you think this is a personal pity party, others responded and their answers went unacknowledged as well.

You can send a private message to a responder, but since I didn’t receive a message, I assume the others did not receive one either.

This isn’t the first time, and I understand life happens, but let’s create a simple protocol.

Answer This

Some of the following suggestions are simple networking protocol for any platform.

We will review Answers from the perspective of those asking the question and those responding.

The Asker

  • Review all notifications of responses (sent to your Inbox)
  • Reply to each response
  • Clarify questions if there is confusion
  • Thank everyone for their help
  • If it makes sense, select a Best Answer

Sometimes, there is no Best answer.

You have an option to select multiple Good answers.

I am impressed with the number of quality responses I receive in Answers.  At a minimum, thank each responder.

The Responder

  • Share your experience, your knowledge
  • If you have resources, share links
  • If you are unclear about the question, ask for clarification
  • Don’t use Answers as a platform for racking up responses

I don’t understand members who spam Answers with nonsensical responses.

I guess it makes sense in their minds, but it is really annoying to the masses.


See how simple that was?

  • Askers acknowledge and thank responders
  • Responders answer and share

What is your answer to the question ~

What suggestions do you have for LinkedIn Answers?


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NOTE: I will be in San Diego from November 7th through November 20th. Part of that time will be spent walking 60 miles for the 3-Day Walk for the Cure.

I will respond to Comments as soon as I can. Walk on! And thank you.


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