Are You Part of the Apps Culture?

by Cathy Miller on October 18, 2010

We have our Boomers, Gen Y and Gen X generation.

Now we have an Apps Culture – does it further divide the generations?

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App is short for applications.

It is software you download to your computer, phone or some other platform.

Some of the more popular ones for cell phones include:

  • Games
  • News/weather
  • Maps/navigation
  • Social networks
  • Music

That’s according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center.

Americans are crazy about apps.

The study produced the following findings:

  • 8 out of 10 Americans are cell phone users
  • 43 percent of them have apps on their phones
  • 2/3 of those with apps use them

Are You a User?

The study reports that users are:

  • Younger
  • More educated
  • More affluent

The results broke down this way.

  • 18 to 29 age group – 44 percent
  • 30 to 49 age group – 41 percent
  • 50+ age group – 14 percent
  • 39 percent are college-educated
  • 51 percent earn $50,000 or more

Do you fall into the category of those who have apps but don’t use them?

Welcome to a Different Culture

Since this mostly seems to be my age group, I have a few theories.

  • For many cell phone users, the apps came with the phone
  • Some don’t even know they are there
  • Others know it, but don’t know how to use them
  • Finally, some of us know about them, how to use them (or not), but don’t care to use them

Communication Talks

It’s risky to generalize about age groups and people.

You may know some techie-savvy boomers – hello, Steve Jobs.

Effective communication understands your customer.

It’s about figuring out what works best to deliver your message.

People change as technology changes. It makes sense to remember what’s routine to some is new to someone else. That presents wonderful opportunities for effective business communication.

So, what about you? Are you part of the apps culture?

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