5 Silent Business Communicators That Speak Volumes

by Cathy Miller on April 3, 2013

bigstock-Bored-woman-looking-very-frust-39556621We spend a lot of time on business communication.

For all our written and verbal business communication, we often miss our silent communicators.

Silent business communicators speak volumes about you and your business.

Are you sure you’re delivering the right message?

The following are 5 silent business communicators worth watching.

#1 – Smartphone Use

Don’t you sometimes wonder what the world did before smartphones?

No question, smartphones are one of the most useful business tools we have today.

There is a time and place for smartphones.

And that’s not during a ~

  • Meeting
  • Presentation
  • Or luncheon appointment

You won’t look busy – you’ll look rude and disinterested.

Is that the message you want to deliver?

#2 – Email Acknowledgement

We are all bombarded with emails.

Our Inboxes groan under the weight of email marketing, spam, and actual business-related requests.

If you fail to acknowledge business emails, the silence is deafening to your customers. And telling.

  • At best, you’re too busy to handle their business
  • At worst, you are too disorganized or offensive to handle their business

In this case, no news is rarely good news.

Acknowledge business emails before the silence crushes your business.

#3 – Time Management

Running a business is tough, especially if the whole business is you.

How are your time management skills?

  • Are you often late for meetings?
  • Do you take days to return calls?
  • Do you miss deadlines?

There is an arrogance in being habitually late that communicates your time is more important than others.

Time management is a sign of mutual respect.

John Soares of Productive Writers has a good post on this topic.

#4 – Body Language

Imagine you are a speaker at a national conference.

You look out at your audience and see the following.

  • People slouched in their seats
  • A few individuals roll their eyes or yawn
  • Others sit with arms and legs tightly crossed

Doesn’t take a specialist to interpret that body language.

I know what you’re thinking. I would never do that to a customer.

Maybe so, but funny thing about body language. It can sneak up and take control without your knowledge.

  • That stifled yawn
  • A raised eyebrow
  • A blank stare

Body language is an equal opportunity offender.

Even if you have to put your acting skills to the test – work on positive body language.

Smile, nod in agreement, and keep good eye contact.

Body language is the universal language.

#5 – The Unspoken Word

What you don’t say can be as powerful – or more so – than what you do communicate.

  • The business person who evades questions on costs
  • A business that ignores postings complaining about service
  • Failure to disclose business affiliations or interests

Do you want your business communications to leave customers wondering what you’re not saying?

And never leave the phrase Thank you unspoken.

It speaks volumes.

What silent business communicators have you observed?


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Anne Wayman April 3, 2013 at 5:01 pm

Cathy, I’m almost brain dead at the moment, but when I’m swamped and I know my client is too I sometimes acknowledge an email with a subject line only… you know, like “I got it – will deliver tomorrow – eom”

I always appreciate that kind of communication when I get it.
Anne Wayman recently posted..Why I Didn’t Fall for the ‘Make Hundreds of Dollars on Your Next Blog Post’ Sales PitchMy Profile


Cathy April 4, 2013 at 4:53 am

That works, Anne. And I really appreciate clients who reciprocate. Thanks for sharing your M.O., Anne


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