30 Internet Acronyms for the Uneducated

by Cathy Miller on January 6, 2011

As long as there have been words, someone felt the need for acronyms.

  • I spent 30+ years in one of the richest acronym industry – insurance
  • But, no one can surpass the grand daddy of acronyms – the internet

Continuing Education

I have always been one of those annoying people who asks —

What is that acronym short for?

I cannot tell you how many times the response has been —

I don’t know

Thankfully, along with acronyms, the internet brought answers.

The Answers

That “Uneducated” person is me – I suspect I am not alone You’ll excuse me if I am showing my age.

Here are 30 internet acronyms – a drop in the bucket.

  1. AAMOF – As A Matter Of Fact (and we all know there is nothing but fact on the internet)
  2. ABCD – Any Bozo Can Do (should I be offended?)
  3. ADN – Any Day Now (what I shout while on hold for customer service)
  4. AFAICT – As far As I Can Tell (that distance gets shorter every day)
  5. AIIC – As If I Care (AI must be the Clueless As If)
  6. ASAHP – As Soon As Humanly Possible (wish I had that one for a few bosses)
  7. AWHFY – Are We Having Fun Yet (probably not, if you have to ask)
  8. AWYR -Awaiting Your Reply (when did awaiting become two words?)
  9. AYPI – And Your Point Is (in my day it was AYPWB – And Your Point Would Be – acronym-shrinking is good)
  10. BSG – Broad Sweeping Generalizations (you mean like Baby Boomers don’t get this?)
  11. BTAICBW – But Then Again I Could Be Wrong (like thinking this list was a good idea)
  12. BWDIK – But What Do I Know (apparently, not a lot, judging from this list)
  13. BYKTA – But You Know That Already (uh, no)
  14. CAPTCHA – Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (sure, I knew that)
  15. CMIIW – Correct Me If I’m Wrong (but does any of this make sense?)
  16. CNP – Continued in Next Post (because this one has gotten far too long)
  17. CSY – Can’t Stop Yawning (I know what they mean – finally!)
  18. CYA – See You (THAT isn’t what it meant when I was in Corporate – we had it covered)
  19. DDD – Deliberate Design Decision (I thought it meant Diners, Drive-ins and Dives)
  20. DEU – Dumb End User (I have a new set of credentials)
  21. DMML – Don’t Make Me Laugh (we’re only up to #21 – I don’t think there’s a risk of that)
  22. DOS – Dozing Off Soon (for years I wondered what a DOS system was)
  23. DUCWIC – Do You See What I See (the cousin of WYSIWYG)
  24. EMP – Excessive Multiple Posting (wonder if there’s a cure yet)
  25. FMTEYEWTK – Far More Than Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know (and one of the few “F” acronyms that can be printed)
  26. GASP – Go Away, Silly Person (soon, I promise)
  27. GDNR – Grinning, Ducking And Running (what I plan on doing after this post)
  28. HHIS – Hanging Head In Shame (just when did I lose control?)
  29. IHYUWIM – I Hope You Understand What I Mean (and I barely got started in the alphabet)
  30. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid (seems my advice might be too much of a good thing)

We barely scratched the surface of acronyms.

  • I doubt anyone will ask for a sequel
  • What are your favorite internet acronyms?
  • And don’t forget to educate the uneducated
  • Let us know what they mean

I told you I’d ask.

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