Just because postDo you feel bombarded by marketing messages? Is there an avalanche of emails burying your inbox?

If you feel that way, chances are your customers do, too.

So what can you do to make your business communication rise above the onslaught?

Sprinkle in some just because business communication.

The tenth post of our alphabetic journey through business communication spices up “business as usual”.

This post shares three ideas for just because business communication.

Do it Just Because

Have you ever received a gift when there was no special occasion? You ask the gift-giver, “Why?” and he or she responds, “No reason – just because.”

Do you remember how you felt? Pretty special, huh?

That’s the idea behind just because business communication. You appreciate your customers and want to show it.

Just Because Business Communication

The secret behind successful just because business communication is in the motive.

If it’s truly coming from a place of giving, your customers will feel it. They also know if the primary reason is for your gain.

The following are a few ideas for just because business communication.

#1 – Share an industry article or report.

Have you read an industry article or report and thought, “My customer would like this”?

Share a copy or the link to the article or report. To make it more meaningful (and appreciated), personalize it.

Thought this report would be interesting to you – particularly the information depicted in the graph on page four. It seems to fit your same scenario. 

#2 – Create a complimentary analysis.

Don’t you love a “no strings attached” gift? That’s the point behind this concept.

In a world where every transaction comes with a price tag, how refreshing would it be to receive a complimentary analysis? No strings attached.

Or perhaps you expand the scope of a contracted analysis and offer information on other aspects of your customer’s business.

Yes, we have all been burned by the customer pushing for a Mercedes Benz product on a Nissan Versa budget.

That experience can cool us toward the idea of complimentary anything. However, I bet you have more than one customer who is worth the effort.

Think about it.

#3 – Arrange for an introduction or referral.

We’re all in business to be successful. The old adage – it’s not what you know but who you know – is often the bridge needed to cross over to success.

  • Do you have clients with similar interests?
  • Does one client have a product or service that offers a benefit to another?

Arrange for an introduction or share your recommendation.

It’s easy to forget that people we know would benefit from getting to know another person with similar interests or need.

Because it Matters

Business communication comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be verbal or written – tweeted or texted – gestured or silent.

What just because examples do you have?

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Note: This is the tenth in a year-long alphabetic journey for better business communication.  We’ll share topics from A to Z that keep business communication simple, clear & uniquely yours.

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