Business Ghostwriter-Post

Have you thought of hiring a business ghostwriter? Or perhaps you’re a writer considering this path.

A business ghostwriter is often industry-specific.

After 30-plus years in the health care and employee benefits industry, I kind of fell into ghostwriting.

When I use the term ghostwriting, I’m referring to industry articles, business blog posts, ebooks or documents that have my client’s name in the byline.

Frankly, I was surprised I was okay with that. After all, I do have a healthy ego.

What I found is I love ghostwriting.

  • I learn new ideas
  • I share passions
  • I convert passion into words

Being willing to accept your client’s name on the byline barely scratches the surface of a good business ghostwriter. There are other traits found in a good business ghostwriter.

Good Business Ghostwriter

Recently, I shared a previous ghostwriting post with writer friend, Paula Hendrickson.

I decided to create a visual version of the post, What the Best Ghostwriters Do To Be the Best.

Let me know what you think.


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