White Papers-Case Studies-Print Marketing

White Papers Graphic

There is a reason white papers and case studies still exist. They work.

Marketers bombard businesses, hoping for time with decision-makers. Is it any wonder that many attempts are unsuccessful? Professional business writing creates content your customers and prospects appreciate.

White Papers

White papers have experienced a makeover. Some view white papers negatively as too traditional or technical. However, well-written white papers supply your market with valuable content.

Today, businesses may market white papers under a different name – special reports, executive briefings or guides. Alternative white paper formats have also emerged, such as video, webinars, podcasts, and DVDs.

Well-written white papers deliver results – no matter which term or format you use.

  • White papers establish your business as a source for relevant and useful content
  • The white paper’s long shelf life means you have a product that keeps on giving

A well-written white paper helps your business stand out by proposing a solution to a business need.

I have written over 100 white papers/reports in various formats for health care organizations, insurance brokerage firms, the defense industry, and logistics management companies. Contact Cathy to discuss how I can help with your next white paper.

Case Studies

Everyone loves a good story. Your prospects are no different.

Case studies share your success stories about what your business does best.

The adaptability of case studies transforms your success story into multiple formats – testimonials, videos, podcasts, and trade show handouts. Your story reshapes the blurring lines between online and print business communication.

Do you have customer success stories you would love to share? I admit; case studies are one of my favorite business writing projects. After all, who doesn’t love a good story? Contact Cathy to discuss how I can help tell your story.

Print Marketing

Digital marketers believe print marketing is dead – or at least dying.

Depending on your business, you know there remains a high demand for print marketing.

  • Trade publications, newsletters
  • Product/service brochures
  • Direct mail options
  • How-to manuals

Effective business writing adjusts to the reader and the communication medium used. I have been writing professionally for over 30 years through print and online business communication. Contact Cathy to discuss how I can help you with your print marketing needs.

My Business Writing Services Guide offers a rate chart for typical services.