Techie Stuff at Its Most Basic


3 Copyright Dos for Photo Use – We all love uploading photos for our blogs and marketing material.

Do you understand the copyright protections that accompany photos we use? This brief slide presentation offers 3 simple Dos for using photos.

If you would like an audio/visual version of this presentation, visit the Simply stated business YouTube channel’s, 3 Copyright Dos for Photo Use.

How to Add Social Media Share Buttons to PDFs: Helping others share your brilliance – This document combines the instructions for adding social media share buttons to your business writing for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter, and puts it in one handy document. It’s complete with screen shots for easier use. Keep it simple for others to share your brilliance.

5 Steps to Add a RT Button to Your PDF – Make it easier for others to share your free reports, white papers and other marketing documents. Add a Retweet button to your pdf. This document shows you how.

Email Subscription vs RSS: You Decide – You might be surprised how many readers out there are intimidated by Really Simple Syndication (RSS). They don’t know what it means or how to use a feed reader. If you subscribe to blogs for updates and have no idea of what RSS is or how it works, this report gives you samples with screen shots. It compares subscribing by email versus RSS. Then you decide. It’s all about choice.

10 Pain-free Keyboard Shortcuts – This may be for the baby boomer crowd – my generation. Our standard operating procedure was using the mouse and drop-down menus for everything. Our wrists and hands are feeling the results. This list has 10 basic shortcuts that you do without a mouse – things like copying and pasting text. With a little practice, you might give that mouse (and you) a much-deserved rest.


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