Comment Policy

Simply Stated Business Comment Policy

I welcome your comments on this blog and appreciate you sharing your opinions and comments.

I welcome different or opposing views. It’s what makes us all unique. My basic premise for comments is Disagree all you want – just be nice about it.

Because some, unfortunately, need a reminder from time to time, the following outlines my Comment Policy for this blog.

Comment Moderation

I hold first-time comments for moderation – thanks to all the spammers out there. Typically, I review and approve comments within 24 hours. If you think I overlooked your comment, feel free to let me know through this site’s Contact form. 

Comment Mechanics

The following are a few of the mechanics you’ll find in commenting on this blog. You include your name, a valid email address and website (if applicable). The email address is required, but not shared.

If you want to receive an email notification for follow-up comments, just click on the box next to Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can always manage the subscription later to stop the emails. Don’t worry – checking the box does not put you on some email mailing list for marketing stuff.

You may notice I have CommentLuv. It’s a great plug-in, in my humble opinion, that gives you backlinks to your most recent blog post – or another one you choose. It hooks up through the website you enter under your name. It’s a great way to receive traffic – hint – a great title to your post encourages other readers to click on the link to your post.

Comment Etiquette

You already have my basic premise for comments – Disagree all you want – just be nice about it.

The following are a few other parts to my policy.

  1. I reserve the right to edit or delete comments, including inappropriate language in the context of this blog’s readership.
  2. This blog does not tolerate insults to other visitors. Again, disagree freely, but please be professional.
  3. By commenting on this blog, you grant me the right to use, edit or display your comments, as I see fit, for the context of this blog.
  4. I may ban visitors that consistently violate the Comment Policy of this blog.
  5. I report IP addresses used for spamming to the internet blacklists, the ISPs/hosts for the domain, and the owner of the IP block.

I may change the Comment Policy so be sure to check back. Be respectful and comment away. I really do appreciate it.