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Social Media Pill-Popping Mentality

April 14, 2014

Social media strategy is a thriving business. Specialists emerged Books were written Technology evolved You have endless ideas on the right and wrong way to use social media. As with most edicts in life, I find there is no right or wrong. Just different. Social Media Pill-Popping The sheer volume of content extolling social media […]

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LinkedIn Changes to Terms of Service

April 6, 2014

LinkedIn® changes to their Terms of Service (TOS) went into effect March 26, 2014. Did you review them? If you’re like most of us, probably not Since they came smack dab in the middle of my unscientific poll of LinkedIn members, I thought I should take a peek. The following highlights a few LinkedIn® changes. But don’t […]

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LinkedIn Members Voice Opinions

March 31, 2014

LinkedIn® members total over 250 million. My little poll barely scratched the surface But who doesn’t want to be heard? LinkedIn’s Clashing Cultures discussed a shifting culture in the business networking platform. My poll asked LinkedIn® members (who are connections) the following three questions. What do you like about LinkedIn®? What do you hate? Any pet peeves? Readers also […]

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LinkedIn’s Clashing Cultures

March 24, 2014

LinkedIn launched in 2003. In over a decade of existence, the professional networking site introduced plenty of changes. Some cosmetic Others more fundamental Depending on your perspective, you may or may not applaud those changes. In my five years as a LinkedIn member, the biggest change I observed was in the culture. Online marketers and […]

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LinkedIn Introductions Gone Bad

December 16, 2013

Introductions are an important part of business networking. Professionals introduce clients to other clients Colleagues introduce people with similar interests When done right, you look like a hero. As LinkedIn promotes its product as the World’s Largest Professional Network, it recognized the value of introductions. The platform offers members an Introduction feature. Think the old-fashioned […]

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When Business Writing Examples Go Too Far

September 16, 2013

Providing examples when sharing business writing ideas is good strategy. Who wouldn’t prefer an example over a list of rules? But, can you cross a line with your examples? I think so. Let’s see if you agree. The following describes a few of those line-crossers. Line-Crosser #1 – The Public Assassination Recently, I purchased an […]

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9/11 Remembered

September 11, 2013

Twelve years have passed since 9/11. At my personal blog, I share a video I created for the 10th anniversary. I hope all take a moment to reflect on what 9/11 means to them. Do you remember 9/11?  BigStock Photo Credit ==================== Helping you Keep it simple, clear & uniquely yours – contact me for help with […]

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Have We Become a Click And Run World?

September 9, 2013

Comments are way down. Even on the most popular of blogs Yet sharing is up At least that’s my very unscientific observation. Do you feel the same? Have we become a click and run world? Social Speed We are racing through life with a click here, a click there. Communication has been chopped into bite-sized […]

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Do You Miss LinkedIn Answers?

September 2, 2013

If it’s not broke – don’t fix it. Do you feel like your social media platforms largely ignore that adage? Me, too. I suppose the problem is with so many users, someone believes it IS broken. Like the LinkedIn Answers feature. I miss Answers. Looking for Answers For those of you who did not experience the […]

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3 Tips for Avoiding the Email Blank Stare

August 16, 2013

There are many reactions you hope for when you send an email. An email blank stare is not one of them. You know what I’m talking about. You send out what you think is a straightforward email The response is a resounding – Huh? Or a virtual yawn What can you do to avoid receiving […]

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