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The Great LinkedIn Networking Debate

October 6, 2014

One person’s networking is another person’s spam. The LinkedIn networking debate strikes at the core of that dichotomy. What is the LinkedIn networking debate? It starts with LinkedIn’s own User Agreement and its Dos and Don’ts section. “Don’t undertake the following: 5. Invite people you do not know to join your network.” LinkedIn’s Dos and Dont’s […]

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Your LinkedIn Data You May Not Want

September 29, 2014

LinkedIn is like every other social media platform. It stores a ton of user data. Have you ever wondered what kind of data they have on you? Well, now you can get a peek inside. LinkedIn Data LinkedIn announced the roll out of new tools for securing your account data. One of those tools allows […]

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LinkedIn Company Page Slaps Me Silly

July 21, 2014

My LinkedIn company page delivered a message. Loud and clear. It was not pretty − or unexpected. More like forgotten A boomer brain moment My company page reminded me of a simple, well-known fact. Social media platforms change.  Well Duh, right? Maybe this happened to you, too If not, please lie so I feel better LinkedIn Company Page If you are unfamiliar with […]

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LinkedIn Guide on Little Stuff

July 14, 2014

Does your LinkedIn profile maximize the allotted space? Do you know how much space you have? LinkedIn has its fair share of stuff you may not know. Not without digging. The LinkedIn Guide delivers profile, message, and settings stuff so you can see what you’ve been missing. Or not. LinkedIn Guide You have two options for […]

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LinkedIn Publishing: Early Kinks and Criticisms

July 7, 2014

Like any new venture, LinkedIn Publishing has some kinks to work out. How the networking site handles those kinks could spell success or failure for the Publishing platform. The following is an unscientific review of early kinks and criticisms. LinkedIn Publishing In a previous post, LinkedIn Publishing: Plus or Minus, I shared information about this latest […]

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Surprising Internet Traffic High and Lows

June 30, 2014

We love internet traffic. Views Comments Downloads I’ll be the first to admit, I am no search engine optimization (SEO) expert. I focus more on content; however, even I’m not stupid enough to ignore SEO basics. But I must say, I am often surprised at my internet traffic high and lows. Internet Traffic Since this […]

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LinkedIn Publishing: Plus or Minus?

June 23, 2014

LinkedIn Publishing opened a floodgate of words. We have tips on almost everything And personal points of view Members repurpose posts and create original content, hoping to stand out in the leaderboard rush. LinkedIn Publishing is officially open for business. Whether or not that’s a good thing remains to be seen. LinkedIn Publishing Background In […]

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Google+ Stuff You May Not Know

May 12, 2014

Google+ has its share of posts, tips, and guides. If you are like me (busy and easily distracted) You find the volume overwhelming In my effort to get up to speed on Google+, I reviewed several volumes of Google+ stuff. I can see this is not going to be a quick study. So, in my typical fashion, […]

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My Google+ YouTube Fiasco

May 5, 2014

Do you have a love/hate relationship with Google+? Or maybe one of apathy? On a given day, any of those descriptions fits my experience with the social media platform. To be fair, the problem is more mine than the structure of Google+. I think. Google+ Learning Curve Google+ was on my list of learning topics back in […]

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Random Twitter Tidbits

April 21, 2014

Twitter has come a long way from its early reputation of inane tweets. Oh, inane tweets still exist Some have dedicated sites Along the way, individuals and businesses discovered the power of 140 characters. Or less Ideally less Or so THEY say I’ll admit, I was a Twitter snob. Who would want to get involved with such a self-indulgent […]

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