Business Communication

Business Communication Basics Infographic

June 13, 2016

Have you been hanging in there with business communication basics? Missed a few? Forgot to check? Have no idea what I’m talking about? Never fear. A simple summary is here. Better than a summer rerun. This blog started the year helping you answer the following questions that make up business communication basics. Who are you? Who […]

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It’s Okay to Tell Your Audience What to Do

May 31, 2016

Do you hate to be told what to do? Yeah, me, too. Maybe that’s why we fail to tell our business communication audience what to do. We don’t want to tick them off. Or perhaps we assume our audience will know what to do. In the What’s your purpose post, you received three simple questions […]

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A Feel Good, Non-Smarmy Guide to Business Communication

May 16, 2016

Has this happened to you? You walk into a business meeting and a salesperson rushes to greet you. With pearly whites flashing, he (or she) pumps your hand while gushing how simply wonderful it is to meet you. How did it make you feel? A bit nauseated? Turned off? Now think about what followed. Did that […]

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#1 Tip for Communicating What You Want Others to Know

April 25, 2016

How great would it be if your audience knows exactly what you want them to know? No confusion No unanswered questions Perfect communication Do you have the know-how for better business communication? This year’s theme of business communication basics answers the who, what, did you of business communication. In the What’s your purpose post, you […]

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How Business Communication Fails on Purpose

April 4, 2016

Have you felt the pain of failing a class? Instead of learning, you felt confused. Disconnected. Even stupid. Pretty lousy feeling, wasn’t it? Without clearly defined purpose, business communication can have that effect. Understanding the purpose of your business communication and how to best achieve that puts your business at the top of its class. […]

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