Business Communication

Tools for Avoiding Grammar Pitfalls

April 13, 2015

Grammar is like math. Some of us cringe when we hear the term. Others find the topic endlessly fascinating. Regardless of which camp you fall into, good grammar builds a solid foundation for your business communication. The seventh post of our alphabetic journey through business communication touches on common pitfalls in grammar. Below are resources, cheat […]

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Are Your Business Forms in Good Shape?

March 30, 2015

Every business has them – business forms for collecting information in all shapes and sizes. Some are paper. Others are electronic. Done right, business forms can be one of your most valuable forms of business communication. Our sixth post of our alphabetic journey through business communication offers tips for ensuring your business forms are in good shape. […]

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Eradication Tips for 10 Email Annoyances

March 16, 2015

Email is often: abused attacked and declared dead Yet for all that email has endured, email endures. Pew Research Center reports six in ten (61%) American workers who use the internet rate email as “very important” for doing their job. Our fifth post of our alphabetic journey through business communication, embraces all that is good about email and eradicates the annoyances. […]

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Devilishly-Detailed Business Communication

March 2, 2015

Details, details, details. In our online world, details have become the devil director of doomed business communication. Details get a bad rap. We need details to tell our story Details establish proof Details define our message Business communication without details is a meaningless shell of words. That doesn’t mean we need to share EVERY SINGLE […]

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Surf the 7 Cs of Business Communication

February 16, 2015

Your customers are flooded with business communication. How is your message heard above the roar of wave after wave of words? Learn how to surf the 7 Cs of business communication and customers will cheer your success. In the third post of our alphabetic journey through business communication, you receive a bonus of 7-in-1 with the crafty letter C. […]

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