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Your Marketing Plan B May Save the Day

March 17, 2014

Raise your hand if this ever happened to you. A key marketing person suddenly quits Your marketing material gets lost in delivery Your marketing presentation crashes Stuff happens. We may not be able to control every aspect of a marketing project, but we can takes steps to deal with the unexpected. In Part 10 or […]

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Marketing Benchmarks: On the Road to Success

March 10, 2014

The if you build it tactic may have worked in Field of Dreams. However, marketing benchmarks are a better bet for achieving success in your marketing. In Part 9 of our 10-Part Marketing Plan Process, we review marketing benchmarks that help manage the success of your projects. As the old adage goes ~ You can’t […]

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Does Your Marketing Timeline Deliver?

March 3, 2014

Are you a long-range planner? Or do you prefer to fly by the seat of your pants? Your marketing timeline delivers a dash of reality. It could be the difference between success and having egg on your face. In Part 8 of our 10-Part Marketing Plan Process, we will review what you should consider when […]

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Laboring Over Your Marketing Message

February 24, 2014

Marketers are like mothers. Some have an easy birth for their marketing message Others labor over the delivery Getting your message to your ideal reader has many obstacles. When you finally succeed, you want your marketing message to be worth the journey. In Part 7 of the 10-Part Marketing Plan Process, we discuss creating your […]

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Marketing Roles and Responsibilities Template

February 17, 2014

Does everyone on your marketing team know who is doing what? If you assume they do, you may see something fall between the cracks. In Part 6 of the 10-Part Marketing Plan Process, we offer a tool for recording marketing roles and responsibilities. Who’s on First The simplest task becomes a challenge when it is left […]

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Choosing Your Marketing Communication Channel

February 10, 2014

Marketing communications is not one-size-fits-all. Which communication channel should you choose? The answer is the universal response – it depends. In Part 5 of the 10-Part Marketing Plan Process, this post reviews key factors in deciding the best marketing communication channel. Each communication should be reviewed on its own merit. Below is an infographic to illustrate the […]

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A Simple Marketing Budget Guide Dispels Myths

February 3, 2014

Does anyone actually like budgets? Okay, maybe you accountants and number-crunchers. For the rest of us, we typically take one of the following paths. We create a budget – dragging and kicking We’ll get to it – some day We’re in complete denial Part 4 of the 10-Part Marketing Plan Process shares A Simple Marketing Budget Guide: for […]

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Book Review: Business Writing With Heart

January 27, 2014

Business writing receives its fair share of hits. So awful Too boring Out of touch Lynn Gaertner-Johnston’s new book, Business Writing With Heart: How to Build Great Work Relationships One Message at a Time shares all that is good about professional business writing. In the tradition of Simply stated business, this book review uses our benchmark: […]

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Beating Blind Hog Marketing Objectives

January 20, 2014

Blind luck is not a bad thing – if you can make it happen. Relying on blind luck for your business marketing success is seldom smart strategy. In Part 3 of the 10-Part Marketing Plan Process, we revisit setting objectives. The prior post, Why Blind Hog Business Communication Objectives Don’t Work, introduced a favorite southernism of my […]

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5 Tips for Identifying Your Killer Client

January 13, 2014

What defines your killer clients? And how do you get on their most wanted list? Part 2 in the 10-Part Marketing Plan Process uncovers the mystery of the killer client. In a previous post, we sought the help of t.v. fictional character, Lieutenant Colombo. The guide 5 Clues to I.D. Your Killer Client borrows a […]

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